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Home Burglar Alarms Santa Fe

If you have an unexpected “guest” TARGET SAFE SECURITY SYSTEMS, makes certain you have a welcoming committee. If an intruder tried to enter your home or business, the security system we install for you automatically sounds or contacts our monitoring station which alerts the police. Additionally if you have chose to have a home surveillance camera system installed a recorded video of the intruder insider your home will further enhance your homes security.

Your home is a place where you go for a true feeling of security and comfort. TARGET SAFE SECURITY SYSTEMS uses state of the art, industry leading equipment from Honeywell. Our expert installation and top quality monitoring allows us to reinforce your peace of mind. As a Santa Fe Security company you can be assured of fast, responsive, high quality service to help secure your home from break-ins and monitoring fires.

We offer Santa Fe Homeowners the following products and services:
• Gate Access
• Security Alarm Installation and Monitoring
• Fire Alarm
• Environmental Monitoring (i.e. Temperature Alerts/Water Leak Notices)
• Intercom System W/Video
• Medical Alert Systems

Before an intruder comes into your Santa Fe, NM, home TARGET SAFE SECURITY SYSTEMS is the business to turn to ensure your home has the proper security measures to make your home safe. When your Santa Fe home is equipped with security system from us, when a burglar or other intruder tries to gain access inside, an alarm sounds, the system then connects to the company’s monitoring station which in turn contacts the police that there is a possible intruder in your home.

With a home security system from TARGET SAFE SECURITY SYSTEMS, a feeling of safety, safekeeping and security will be the case going forward in your home. We only used equipment from Honeywell, the home security systems industry leader. We are the Santa Fe, NM, home security experts, which means we are expert home security systems installers and we have the very best home security alarm system monitoring in the industry. Safety and confidence in our products and our services for our customers is what we strive for every step of the way.

Santa Fe Home Security Local Company Advantage – Because we are a local company with expert installers and a 100% commitment to doing the job right, you can be confident your system will be installed the right way and that you will receive top of the line service when it comes to monitoring your home for break-ins and for fires.


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